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Wonder Outside

with Ranger Ted

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Loon Runways and the Need to Be Outside with Mark Hennessy, Ep 10

Bouldering with Whistles and other Tips from Camping Savvy Moms: Courtney Brown, Julie Pearl-Slater and Michelle Silver (part I), Ep 7

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The Paradigm of Survival and Ghosts with Enrico Colantoni. Episode 5 (part II with Enrico)

Super Nature Adventurers Bryna Campbell and Mike Murawski: Your Guides in Ep 4

Enrico Colantoni is Your Wonder Guide for Episode 3

Episodes 1 and 2 of Wonder Outside Podcast Available

I'm Ranger Ted and I connect people to wonder.

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Loon Runways and the Need to Be Outside with Mark Hennessy

Not many people in this world know that a loon is one of the few birds with solid bones, which makes them heavier than most birds of similar size. Still fewer would know what to do when a loon can’t take off from a lake that’s just beginning to freeze over entirely.

Trusted by schools, parent groups and companies nationwide. Certified California Naturalist and trained in Wilderness First Aid

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Hundreds of Five Star Reviews
Ranger Ted is the best! He understands the need to tailor a nature walk to the children's nature as well as their developmental stage.
Elizabeth Doan, Director
Wild Poppy Preschool, Santa Monica
Ranger Ted was the ultimate guide. He took us on the best trails, kept us entertained and showed us how to get the best photos. Highly recommended!
AirBnB Experiences Guest
Our team saw whales, waterfalls and had a blast with Ranger Ted. We learned naturalist journaling and lost all sense of time. Perfect.
Matthew McManus, EP
Carbon VFX, Santa Monica


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