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Tim Johnston is your Wonder Guide for Ep. 2 of the Wonder Outside Podcast

New York Times best-selling and award winning author, master carpenter and longtime fan of the great outdoors joins Ranger Ted for Episode 2 of the Wonder Outside Podcast. They sit down in the sunny, pre-Covid, Silverlake meadow in Los Angeles for a ranging conversation from Elk baths, Rocky Mountain inspirations and meandering Iowa rivers. Tim is a master storyteller and that’s on full display in this episode.

Tim discusses how the environment of the Rocky Mountains helped him find the characters and eventually the story that would become his best-selling novel, Descent. His latest novel is set in a place near and dear to us both, the rivers of Minnesota and Iowa.

Tim and Ted have worked on cabins together, seen giant bald eagle nests and agree that when a storm kicks up its time to get yourself and your canoe off the river. They also talk about their profound experiences of riding bikes, eyes closed, at Burning Man.

A Variety Show for Nature

Wonder Outside is much more than just an interview show. It’s a variety show thats specifically designed to keep discussions about the outdoors fun, useful, practical and motivating. In the 3 x3 Challenge we look at some nature escapes starting from a Main Street in Ventura, California. In the opening segment, Ted talks about how to use a naturalist journal when exploring the outdoors.

The Where in the World Are You game tests your knowledge of geography and weather.  DJ Shark is our musical expert as we discuss how the great outdoors influences our art and There’s No Planet B gives you practical steps you can take to protect our planet and all its inhabitants.

DJ Shark: Our Music Meets Nature Expert

Every episode of the Wonder Outside podcast features an examination of a song or piece or art that is influenced by the great outdoors.  None other than DJ Shark talks with Ted about Woody Guthrie’s iconic ‘This Land Is Your Land’ song written in 1940. This song maintains its truth and relevance even today.

DJ Shark is a prolific musician, DJ, composer, song writer and hosts his own radio show called All Time is Now.  Podcast episodes from his show can be found at

Resources for you to use now

Ranger Ted has been building community his entire life. That’s especially true in this podcast where you can access a wide variety of experts to help you experience the great outdoors in more meaningful ways. 

In episode 2, you’ll hear about Super Nature Adventures and their downloadable adventure kits.  You can also look forward to hearing from Mike Murawski and Bryna Campbell,  founders of Super Nature Adventures, as they’ll join Ranger Ted in a later episode as guest Wonder Guides.

Also Ranger Ted talks about the wonderful people at Save Our Monarchs. who help people everywhere plant milkweed and thus save our monarchs.  Contact them now and get planting this Earth Day!

There’s No Planet B

Global Climate Change poses the biggest threat there is to the planet and all its inhabitants. Please visit to become better educated and to get involved with switching from fossil fuels to renewables before it’s too late.

Mariposa Grove, Yosemite National Park

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