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Super Nature Adventurers Bryna Campbell and Mike Murawski: Your Guides in Episode 4

Bryna Campbell and Mike Murawski keep the joy of exploration at the center of what they do: providing useful, engaging and fun outdoor trail guides and activities for kids and families. They created Super Nature Adventures out of a need that many parents face when going outside: to keep children engaged and not hear them use the dreaded “bored” word.

As they say, “…as parents of a boisterous seven-year-old we also know how daunting family hiking can be…especially at that age when kids are still too young for those strenuous trails but too old to be carried.”

So with transformation and empowerment in mind for their son, they’ve created beautiful, engaging and useful resources that anyone can use no matter where they live.

Mike and Bryna have and undeniable passion for going outside. They talk about the outdoors in ways that make you want to get on the trail immediately. They eliminate any feelings of intimidation or nervousness and simply allow people to find their own paths.  So while their materials are focused on kids ages 3-12 years old, their philosophy of engaging with the outdoors is for everyone. is a valuable resource for any parent or teacher looking to engage their children outdoors in creative, imaginative and empowering ways.  Their affordable, hand-illustrated, downloadable pdf guides, activities and maps are sure to help you and your loved ones get outside more easily, more often and more confidently.

In my conversation with Bryna and Mike we’re all reminded of some basic truths about going outside.  One, it’s about the here and now.  Two, children have some things to teach us about going outside. Three, stickers and snacks help!

Mike and Bryna echo many of the same philosophies that I talk about and use on my nature hikes with both young and old.  If we pay attention more to an animal or bird’s behavior and worry less about getting its name right, we’ll create a stronger connection to our environment.  If we worry less about achieving a destination point and instead be more present to our immediate surroundings (from the micro to the grandiose) we’ll have a more rewarding experience.

Mike and Bryna and their son have trail tested these materials and I can’t recommend them enough.  They have also pivoted with the Covid-19 realities and created materials that can be used right now and in any location.  Their Explore Your World and Create Your World materials are available, affordable and are a perfect addition to any home, school, homeschool or distance home school!

We have a great conversation that covers Mt. Saint Helens,
Rachel Carson, Yosemite, Portland, iNaturalist and much more. 

All of their resources can be found at

ALSO in this 4th episode are all the amazing segments!
The 3×3 Main Street Challenge takes us to Denver Colorado. Specifically Jake’s Brew Bar on Main Street in Littleton, CO.  Just a short distance away is the S. Platte River, Bowles Grove Park, Legault Mountain, Rocky Mountain National Park and Tin Cup, Colorado.

In There’s No Planet B we talk about the need to maintain biodiversity and the great work of the Center for Biological Diversity.

In Art Meets Nature, DJ Shark takes us on a road trip with Paul Simon in Graceland.  It’s all there for you in this episode of Wonder Outside and it’s all sponsored by the Nature Coach.

Paul Simon performing Graceland. A perfect union of art, nature, a road trip and Elvis.
Rocky Mountain National Park has over 300 miles of trails and spans both sides of the Continental Divide.
The Center of Biological Diversity is front and center in the fight to protect the planet.

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