Leave No Trace Part 1: ‘Plan Ahead and Prepare’ (unlike I did for this video.)

Leave no trace. It’s obvious. Mostly. But there are several steps involved. Of course, it’s good to remember the core principal which is simply stated, “LEAVE NO TRACE.” Which means when you are on a trail or sidewalk or at a park that you pick up after yourself. Seems obvious as that kind of thing is what we teach to children starting at very early age. But as evidenced nearly everywhere we travel as humans, there are plenty of our […]

No T2 Today in LA River

The power of the LA River today is basically as strong as it’s been all year.  And all people, motorcycles and Terminator’s should stay a good safe distance away to observe. But please do observe and wonder at the power of this amazing NATURAL resource in LA.  Yes, it’s a real river that runs along a real river course.  Much of that is now concrete, yes. But it still retains many of the characteristics of the original un-concrete river.  Mainly, […]

Family Fun Day Sunday: Dogs Included

Ranger Ted goes outside to look for some family fun and finds a dog surfing contest!  Huntington beach is known as surf city.  And that usually refers to human beings.  Today, another mammal gets a chance! In the video watch as hundreds of enthusiastic surfers encourage their best friends to get into some big waves.   Ted Mattison, also known as Ranger Ted, is a Certified California Naturalist, trained in Wilderness First Aid, and has explored, hiked, canoed and kayaked […]

Weather Wednesday Dude!

Weather is important.  It’s part of the bigger picture that we sometimes forget about.  This is especially true in warm climates like Los Angeles.  The weather is a powerful force and it’s good to keep in mind more often than not.  Appreciate the weather where you are today even if that means putting on extra layers or having to take just a couple more minutes to prepare.  Oh, and please slow down those cars if it’s raining or snowing! at […]