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Do you and your loved ones want to get outside more?

  • Are screens are ruling your life?
  • Are you feeling stuck and isolated?
  • Does it feel just a bit odd to be walking on a treadmill and watching TV so much?
  • Do feel aprehensive, anxious or intimidated by the thought of a hike, path, trail or natural area?

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How the Power of Wonder has shaped me.

I no longer take it for granted that I’ve been able to see and experience so much wonder in the great outdoors.  Since my early childhood my family and friends were simply outside.  It was as routine as sleeping and eating. For 52 years now my life has been boldly shaped by my adventures in the great outdoors. I’ve had too many mentors to count at this point. People who taught me how to paddle, camp, backpack. Guides who encouraged me and modeled for me just what it meant to summit 10,000 foot peaks. Role models who simply thought going to Alaska was not just an option but a must.

This naturally led me to working as a teacher, guide, REI employee, camp counselor, event coordinator and finally, Ranger Ted.

I’m here to help and guide and encourge YOU.

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