What’s Next!

If it’s your very first hike or if you’ve been to the tops of dozens of fourteeners, I’m here to help you get even MORE connected to wonder in the great outdoors.

For right now I want you to take the next SIMPLE step toward a new goal.

If you’ve been on a walk that goes along the same route coming back, I want you to start looking for a new LOOP trail.   This is a major graduation for new hikers!

If your kids need some incentive start letting them LEAD.  Start letting THEM choose the route.  Start letting them decide on appropriate clothing and gear to bring along.

If you’ve seen the Sierras then I want you to consider the Cascades.

If you’ve seen much of the Western United States, then I want you to start planning your trip to Alaska.

If you’ve never camped overnight, I want you plan your first overnight.

Again, this is  HUGE subject and there will be lots more in the blog on these topics but I want to repeat this: MAKE THE NEXT LOGICAL STEP UP IN YOUR ADVENTURES. 

You can email me right now at rangertedla@gmail.com and we’ll discuss!

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