Let’s not get too complicated with this. There is a place in under 3 minutes of you where you can be outside and get connected to wonder. I’ve lived in 23 places in the last 30 years from New Jersey to Michigan to Minnesota to Los Angeles. Some of these areas are THE MOST DENSELY populated and urban areas in the entire United States. And each dwelling where I lived was absolutely within 3 MINUTES from a natural area where I could find some fresh air, a bit of grass, a ravine, stream, or tree lined outdoor space.

Open up that real paper map or that app right now. Find your location. Good. Now, look for something GREEN or BLUE nearby. There’s something! I can almost guarantee it. Okay, now go there. Walk it, bike it, swim it, paddle it, ski it,  and simply get in it.

Finally, SHARE WITH US on the Wonder Outside Facebook Group where this place is and what you do there.   It’ll help you appreciate it and it’ll help us find a place near us!

Some Links to Where to Wonder

Still not sure where to look...?

Ask your peeps!  That could include your friends or family or just say, “Google..Siri..Alexa…where is there a park near me?”

And when you find that place, TELL US ON THE FACEBOOK PAGE, please!

Email Ranger Ted for Help!

Help us find a place to explore =) please