I Need To Feel Prepared

GREAT! Congrats on knowing what you need when you go outside.

There’s nothing like feeling ready to tackle the next challenge, start the next adventure, begin a new routine. This is a HUGE subject but I’m going to offer a few resources and links here to get started. Have a look and if you still feel lost or have questions then simply EMAIL ME and we will discuss!

  • Find your nearest outdoor store, guide, tour company.  Recreational Equipment Incorporated (REI) is one of the absolute best and the people there can’t wait to help you prepare for going outside.  https://www.rei.com/ 
  •  National Outdoor Leadership School is long recognized as the leader in preparing people of all ages for the back country. Their resources are extensive so start digging in here: http://nols.edu
  •  Go to this page on this site to find some PLACES near you like parks and nature centers.  At those various places are lots of helpful people: docents, rangers and volunteers who want to help! Easy places to go near me.
  • Family? Rain or Shine Mamma is amazing! http://rainorshinemamma.com
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